What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being. Existing in the now, with total acceptance of the past and no concern for the future.

Why does Mindfulness help?

Maybe you find that your mind is full with intrusive thoughts, or you never feel at rest or at peace. Maybe you worry about the future or are full of regret about the past. Becoming free from your past without worry about your future liberates you.

Mindfulness restores balance within you, helps you focus on what matters and to leave aside what does not. It helps you be more effective at work and sport. Appreciate every moment that you have.

What are guided Mindfulness sessions?

Some people will find that being in the presence of someone who understands mindfulness can act like a catalyst for finding it within themselves. There is no program. There may be little talking. The needs of that moment will guide us.

Is Mindfulness religious?

Although the concept is an important part of Buddhism, its practice is non-religious. It has application which benefits you in the modern world by providing balance in your life. There is medical evidence to show that restoring balance in your life improves your physical health. Blood pressure, heart rate go down. There is evidence of improved glucose control, as well as lowering of stress hormones on a gene expression level.

Can I have sessions at my own home?

If you wish to have sessions at your own home then please contact us as it will need further discussion and prior agreement. Charges for travel costs and time are additional.

How much does each session cost?

Each session costs £80. Click here or the link above for more information on how to book a session.